Our chickens

We want to provide our local customers with locally produced eggs from happy free-range chickens.

We have a variety of chicken breeds on our farm, all either raised by us on the farm or bought locally.

The most prominent kind of our chickens are the Maran, a big chicken breed which lay chocolate-brown, large and delicious eggs. Our roosters keeps all chicken happy and safe and allows us to breed our own baby chicks on the farm.

The chicken house is standing in the middle of a large pasture where trees, bushes, flowers and rocks provide a stimulating environment with lots of hiding places for them. Our birds can freely wonder around on the pasture, they are just kept in the chicken house during night time as we have hungry foxes in our area.

Besides all the insects, grass and seeds that the chickens find on the pasture, we feed them 85% grains (wheat and barley) and    15 % pellets that contain an extra ration of proteins. Our natural food makes a difference that you can see and taste!

Read here how you can buy our eggs from happy chickens!

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