How we grow vegetables

We moved to Långvretens Gård more than 5 years ago and already in our first spring we created a little kitchen garden.

How little did we know!

Seeding, anxiously waiting for the germination, fighting the snails, a lot of water and care every day and then – oh what a joy – our own vegetables! What a taste – what a difference to the poor greens we used to buy in the supermarket!

Today, our vegetable garden is about 2000 square meters large and includes large herb section and a 15 square meter green house. We keep our garden as natural as possible – rocks, stones, bushes and many flowers provide a paradise for animals including thousands of bees, bumblebees and butterflies. All those little helpers make sure that the vegetables are pollinated and keep pests like lice, snails and carrot flies at bay.

We have never used chemical fertilizer in our kitchengarden. All greens grow happily in our self-produced compost and manure from our chickens.

No artificial fertilizer, seeds from classic and special varieties and a lot of love an care produces the most tasteful vegetables.

From spring 2019 you will not only be able to buy fresh vegetables from us, but also seedlings for your own kitchen garden.

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